What to expect after

skin-tag removal?


You had the anal skin tag(s) removed under local anaesthetic. ​

Please read it through this page as it will help answer many questions you might have.

MEDICATIONS: Local anesthesia is usually injected for postoperative pain relief; usually lasting for 4-6 hours. Resume all prescribed medications you were taking regularly before surgery unless otherwise instructed. Take prescribed postoperative medications as instructed.

PAIN CONTROL: The goal is to relieve acute pain to a tolerable level. During healing, some pain is normal. Do not take pain medicines on an empty stomach.Begin taking oral pain medication when you get home after surgery, use the schedule below:1) Paracetamol 1000 mg (usually 2 tablets) 4 times per day2) Should that not enough, please take Ibuprofen 200 mg 3 times per day. These are over-the-counter medications.Fiber Supplements such as Fybogel should be taken once or two times a day while the wound(s) are healing.If you have not had a bowel movement within 48 hours after discharge, take 2 Ducolax tabs.If you have not moved your bowels by the morning of the 4th day following surgery call the office.​

DISCHARGE/INFECTION: Some bloody discharge, especially after bowel movements, is normal for at least two to four weeks after rectal surgery. If you have profuse, continuous bleeding with passage of clots, call your doctor immediately. There may be gelfoam packing which will slough and dissolve on its own. Post-operative infection around the rectal opening is surprisingly uncommon despite the obvious contamination by stool. This is probably because of the excellent blood supply to the area. The Opsite-spray helps to further reduce the risk of infection.

STITCHES/SWELLING: You may have some stitches after surgery. These will dissolve on their own. Do not be alarmed by the swelling of the skin tags you may have around the anus. These are not haemorrhoids, but simply a response of the skin to the stitches and/or surgery you have had. The swelling will decrease daily. Stitches may break apart, do not become alarmed. Healing will still proceed normally. Swollen skin tags will get smaller in time.

SELF HYGENE: You can have a shower from today onwards, but please wait 3 weeks with the formal bath. After bowel motion it is recommended to have a shower or use wet wipes to clean the area.​​

URINATION: It is not uncommon to have difficulty completely emptying your bladder after surgery. If this happens after you get home, try to encourage urination by sitting in a warm tub or standing in a warm shower.​​

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