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Internal piles banding

Currently the most cost-effective office based procedure to treat internal piles.

External piles removal

Basic surgical procedure under local anaesthetic to remove external piles or skin tag.

Fissure treatment

Anal fissure is a painful condition, but in most cases it can be treated with a special cream.

One stop piles treatment centre

Affordable fees

Straightforward pricing, no hidden fees. Award winning customer service.


Single use instruments only

We understand the importance of infections, therefore we use single use instruments only.

Specialist clinic

The Haemorrhoid Clinic is a specialist clinic focused on the diagnosis and treatment of haemorrhoids (=piles). We specialize in non-operative piles treatment, which could be carried out on the same day as the examination.

The National Health Service regards haemorrhoids as a low priority. The Haemorrhoid Clinic recognises the impact this condition has on people’s lives and we are committed to offering affordable treatment for this condition.


Our doctors have at least 5 years experience in independent proctology practice.

Clinics in Central London and Leeds

Easily accessible central London location, close to Baker Street. Leeds clinic to serve Yorkshire and Midlands.

Convenient environment

We created a patient friendly environment, where we can discuss all your questions regarding your piles without embarrassment. Our team at The Haemorrhoid Clinic are widely experienced, and provide a friendly, caring approach with full attention to patient privacy and confidentiality.
We use only fully disposable instruments, therefore the chance to get an infection is as minimal as possible. The Clinic is a stone’s throw away from Marylebone Station and the Baker street tube station is 10 minutes away on foot. On top of this we have convenient weekend clinic times, which means that you will not miss a day of work.

We also have a location in Leeds. See below for further details on both locations. 

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After the examination we tell you the diagnosis and the available treatment options


The majority of the treatments can be carried out during this appointment


91% of the piles respond well to these minimally invasive procedures

Our locations

Haemorrhoid Clinic London location at 6 Bendall Mews
6 Bendall Mews
Marylebone. London
Leeds location
93 Waters Lane
LS11 5QN