Depending on your diagnosis, internal and external haemorrhoids can be treated in a variety of specialized ways. While haemorrhoids can often be effectively managed by simple local medication, and dietary and lifestyle changes, sometimes specialist treatment needs to be undertaken at the Haemorrhoid Clinic, or in a hospital. Conservative treatment typically consists of increasing dietary fiber, oral fluids to maintain hydration, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), sitz baths, and rest. Increased fibre intake has been shown to improve outcomes, and may be achieved by dietary alterations or the consumption of fibre supplements.

Rubber band ligation

This is a simple office based treatment, typically recommended for the first line treatment of the internal piles. 

Surgical procedure

External haemorrhoid removal and/or skin tag removal is a minor surgical procedure under local anaesthetic.

Other treatments

For anal fissure we suggest a complex treatment involving a muscle relaxant cream and regular warm baths.

For haemorrhoids further treatments are also available:

  • electrocautery

  • infrared radiation

  • laser sugery

  • cryotherapy

  • radiofrequency ablation