Our fees

We try to keep our fees as low as possible.

We created the following "package-prices", which includes the following:

Haemorrhoid banding 1st treatment: £300  (this includes the consultation, examination by rigid sigmoideoscop and anoscop, application of rubber bands, prescription of painkillers) and the debit card payment. 


Haemorrhoid banding - 2nd and further treatments: £200  (within 3 months after the first procedure)


Skin tag removal, thrombosed external piles removal: £440 (includes the consultation, examination, and the surgical procedure, the debit card payment and one postop check-up - 1-2 weeks later)

Consultation and examination only: £150

Cancellation within 24 hours before your appointment or not attending will result in a fee of £100.

Debit and credit cards are welcome.

Please note that we are unable to accept AmEx cards or personal cheques.

Health plans that we accept:

Please note that you would need to contact these Insurance companies before the consultation to get a pre-authorisation number.